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ONE - ON - ONE: $150 (1-Hour Class)

Private DJ/Production class is the perfect starting point for anyone who is busy and cannot learn in groups. Our hands-on instruction will teach you the fundamentals of DJ/Production. No matter your music tastes or commitment level, we will teach you the fundamentals to get started on your journey. Also, we provide all gear necessary for the class.

DJ 101:  $898- $1688 ( 8-Week Course)

This weekly group class with a lot of hands-on practice will teach you the fundamentals of preparing tracks, mixing, marketing and music industry.


Some of the :

  • Preparing Tracks/Playlists

  • Harmonic Mixing

  • Fader Control

  • EQing

  • Multi-Genre Mixing

  • Basic Mixing on Turntables and CDJs

  • Set structure

  • Managing your Library

  • Advance Mixing Techniques

  • Effects

  • Creative Loops

  • Mix Recording

  • Crowd Reading

  • Industry/ Marketing/ Web presence

  • Getting Booked/ Networking

  • Graduation / DJ gig at the Nightclub

MUSIC PRODUCTION 101: $988 (8-Week Course)

Music production class is fully online with guidance and private chat with your instructor and online sessions.

You will learn:

  • Software Interface

  • Genre Specific Production

  • Using Instruments

  • Track Arrangement

  • Signal Processing

  • Sculpting Frequencies

  • Compression and Dynamics

  • Programming Chords Using MIDI

  • Recording using MIDI

  • Effects

  • Levels and Planning

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